Introduction of QuEChERS Method

QuEChERS is a pre-treatment method for pesticide residue detection (similar to the process in Apple’s example), which has the characteristics of fast, simple, economical, efficient, durable, and safe (combined these words); he is a developed country Accredited standard method for pesticide residue detection; AOAC 2007.01 (Analytical Method for National Pesticide Standards in the United States), EN 15662 (Analytical Method for European Standards).

Our products are the things used in the QuEChERS method, including two major categories: extraction boxes and purification boxes; extraction boxes include salt bags and 50ml centrifuge tubes, but due to the high shipping costs of 50ml centrifuge tubes and common in customer laboratories.

Therefore, more customers will directly purchase salt packs. In order to cater to different customer needs, we have designed two types of products for the extraction box, one is: a salt pack and the other is: a salt pack + 50ml centrifuge tube.

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QuEChERS extraction products provide a convenient and effective method for determining pesticide residues in fruits, vegetables, and other foods.
The QuEChERS method offers advantages including high recovery, accurate results, low solvent and glassware usage, low labor and bench space, reduced reagent costs, and more. The program is robust and robust.

The QuEChERS method is a two-step process: extraction and purification. The product in the extraction step uses MgSO4 to assist in the extraction, along with NaCl, sodium citrate, or anhydrous sodium citrate for “base-sensitive compounds (eg, sterilant or clothed). The product in the extraction step uses a 50 mL polypropylene centrifuge tube For easy extraction. Purification step products include PSA (primary/secondary amine) to remove organic acids and polar pigments from other compounds. Some products use PSA with capped C18 to remove most lipids and Sterols, or graphitized carbon black, is used to remove sterols and pigments, such as chlorophyll. A variety of tube formats and bed weights are available to accommodate large sample sizes.

QuEChERS D-SPE Kits China QuEChERS Extraction Kit Pouch Format AOAC-EN

Application of QuEChERS method:
Detects more pesticides than standard SPE
Easy to use
Available in multiple configurations

The character of QuEChERS method
In 2003, the United States Department of Agriculture Anastassiades and Lehotay et al. Proposed a new sample preparation technology based on acetonitrile extraction and dispersive solid-phase extraction. This method is faster and simpler than traditional sample preparation. The advantages of easy, cheap, effective, rugged, and safe are called the QuEChERS method.

Since the introduction of the QuEChERS method, foreign analysts have conducted in-depth research and method validation, and improved the method. It has now become the standard method of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).
The steps of the QuEChERS method can be briefly summarized as follows: (1) crushing the sample; (2) extracting and separating acetonitrile with a single solvent; (3) adding salts such as MgSO4 Water removal; (4) Adding adsorbent such as ethylenediamine-N-propylsilane (PSA) to remove impurities; (5) Supernatants were detected by GC-MS and LC-MS. And Hawach have different types of product apply for QuEChERS method. If you have any question for that please contact us.