Introduction of Hawach SPE Cartridge

An SPE cartridge, another name is a SPE column. SPE is solid phase extraction, which is a kind of separation technique combining the processes of selective retention and selective elution and so on.
Porous polypropylene sieve plate, medical polypropylene column tube and packing are three parts of commonly used SPE cartridge. The cartridge tube is the carrier of the adsorbent, made of serum-grade polypropylene. The sieve plate acts as a fixer for adsorbent and a filter for solution.

The classification of an SPE cartridge:

Normal phase: Silica, NH2, CN, Diol, Florisil, Alumina, CN
Reverse Phase: C18, C8, C18A
Ion exchange: SCX, SAX, COOH, NH2
Mixed mode: PCX, PAX, C8/SCX

General process of an SPE cartridge

Activation: A suitable solvent is added to unfurl the functional groups and remove the possible distractor.
Equilibrium: Create suitable solvent environment.
Retention: The process of fixing a compound by an adsorbent.
Washing: Maximum possible removal of the distractor without affecting the retention of the target compound.
Elution: Let the solvent with stronger eluting ability pass through the adsorbent.

The acting force of an SPE cartridge includes non-polar interaction, polar interaction, ion interaction and secondary interaction.