://Introduction of Hawach SPE Cartridge

Introduction of Hawach SPE Cartridge

An SPE cartridge, another name is a SPE column. SPE is solid phase extraction, which is a kind of separation technique combining the processes of selective retention and selective elution and so on.
The commonly used SPE cartridge is divided into three parts: medical polypropylene column tube, porous polypropylene sieve plate and packing. The cartridge tube is the carrier of the adsorbent, made of serum-grade polypropylene. The sieve plate acts as a fixer for adsorbent and a filter for solution.

The classification of an SPE cartridge:

Normal phase: Silica, NH2, CN, Diol, Florisil, Alumina, CN
Reverse Phase: C18, C8, C18A
Ion exchange: SCX, SAX, COOH, NH2
Mixed mode: PCX, PAX, C8/SCX

General process of an SPE cartridge

Activation: A suitable solvent is added to unfurl the functional groups and remove the possible distractor.
Equilibrium: Create suitable solvent environment.
Retention: The process of fixing a compound by an adsorbent.
Washing: Maximum possible removal of the distractor without affecting the retention of the target compound.
Elution: Let the solvent with stronger eluting ability pass through the adsorbent.

The acting force of an SPE cartridge includes non-polar interaction, polar interaction, ion interaction and secondary interaction.

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