Introduce the Principles and Advantages of QuECHERS

The principle is similar to high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and solid phase extraction (SPE). It uses the adsorbent filler to interact with impurities in the matrix to adsorb impurities to achieve impurity removal.
The QuEChERS method has the following advantages:
1. The recovery rate is high, and the recovery rate of a large number of polar and volatile pesticide varieties is greater than 85%;
2. High precision and accuracy, which can be corrected by internal standard method;
3. A wide range of pesticides can be analyzed, including polar and non-polar pesticide types, which can be used to obtain a better recovery rate;
4. The analysis speed is fast, and the processing of 6 samples can be completed within 30 minutes;
5. The solvent is used in a small amount, the pollution is small, the price is low, and the chloride-containing solvent is not used;
6. Easy to operate, it can be done well without good training and high skill;
7. acetonitrile is sealed immediately after being added to the container so that the chance of contact with the staff is reduced;
8. Very few pieces of glassware are used in the sample preparation process, and the device is simple.