Important Technical Parameters of SPE Columns

The important technical parameters of Hawach SPE Columns are the key points of selection.

The material selection of the SPE column is very important. The column material is in direct contact with the test object or analyte. The quality of material selection determines the degree of impurity dissolution. SPE is composed of: medical PP air tube, medical PE sieve plate, fixed adsorbent (also known as fixed phase), and the adsorbent is imported raw material.

Parameter of the stationary phase
Matrix type (silicone, polymer);
Construction phase type (if C18, or CN);
Particle size (e.g. 3 um, 5 um);
The specific surface area of the stationary phase (e.g., 130 m2/g);

The aperture of the stationary phase
Uniformity, immobilized phase purity, and immobilized phase particle shape (e.g., irregular or round)

Column specifications
Volume/fixed phase fill (determines sample throughput). For example 60mg/3ml, 60mg is packing weight,3ml is the size of the column tube. Normal size of column tube: 1ml, 3ml, 6ml, 12ml.

Normal Phase PR Grade Florisil SPE Cartridges
Mixed Mode C8 SCX SPE Cartridges
Reversed Phase C18 SPE Cartridges