How to Use the Centrifuge Tube and Precautions?

The graduated centrifuge tube is a metered gauge for qualitative and semi-micro qualitative analysis. The graduated centrifuge tube is an essential tool for centrifugation and stratification of substances suspended in a liquid.

How to use the centrifuge tube

1. Because the graduated centrifuge tube is a metered gauge, it must be cleaned and dried before use.

2. When reading, be sure to observe the meniscus correctly, otherwise a certain error will be introduced.

3. When using, the number of centrifuge tubes should be determined according to the model of the centrifuge. For example, if the centrifuge is used for the single test, the same volume of liquid must be filled in the other centrifuge tube to maintain balance.

4. The centrifuge tube should be matched with the centrifuge sleeve. The pipe should not be too long, otherwise, it will break easily when it is rotated. However, it is not easy to be too short, too short a tube is unstable when it is rotated in the air, and it is easy to cause breakage. If it is too thick, it will not enter. If it is too fine, it will be unstable. The round mouth should be larger than the inner diameter of the casing.

5. After the centrifuge tube is placed in the sleeve of the centrifuge for stratification separation, stop it when it stops rotating, and never stop it with external force.

Centrifuge tube considerations

When using a centrifuge tube, do not use one tube multiple times. Pay attention to the sample volatilization and some samples with radioactive or corrosive samples. In the process of storage, it is better to seal; to prevent the tube from being used during use. There is a deformation in the situation.