How to Choose a Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges(1)

The solid phase extraction cartridge is a sample pretreatment device for extraction, separation, and concentration which is developed from a chromatography column. Mainly used in sample pretreatment of various foods, agricultural and livestock products, environmental samples and target compounds in biological samples.

Method for selecting solid phase extraction cartridge

The key to choosing a solid phase extraction cartridge is the packing that determines the separation performance in addition to the required specifications. When selecting an extraction column, it is necessary to select a suitable filler according to the type of sample to be tested and its physicochemical properties. Solid phase extraction fillers are usually chromatographic adsorbents and can be roughly divided into three categories, namely silica gel, high polymer, and inorganic materials.

The first type is based on silica gel, such as C18 solid phase extraction cartridge. The silica gel is very polar and weakly acidic. It can be used in normal phase or reverse phase separation mode: during normal phase extraction. The polarity is weaker than that of silica gel, and the non-polarity is weaker than C18 or C8 in reverse phase extraction. Good extraction results for steroids are commonly used for the extraction of non-polar or weakly polar compounds or the removal of polar impurities. It is mainly used for blood samples, drugs and their metabolites in urine samples, desalting of peptides, enrichment of trace organic compounds in environmental samples, and organic acids in beverages.