How Does SPE Cartridge Work?

Normally SPE cartridge has two basic adsorption modes: target compound adsorption mode, impurity adsorption mode; 5 operation modes: gravity operation, manual positive pressure, centrifuge, negative pressure and positive pressure mode.

Now let’s review the whole process step by step. (Here we take target compound adsorption as an example)

Step 1: Choose your right SPE cartridge
Step 2: Conditioning. Rinse the cartridge with a suitable solvent to increase the contact surface area of the target compound with the adsorbent and enhance the retention of the target compound.
Step 3: Sampling. Make sure the SPE Cartridge is wet before sampling. Choose one operation mode after sampling and control the flow rate during extraction.
Step 4: Washing. Selectively elute the weakly adsorbed impurities with a weak solvent to reduce the interference of the impurities on the target compound during the analysis and prolong the life of the instrument. No influence on the recovery rate of the target compound is the premise.
Step 5: Elute. Elute the target analyte. Don’t forget to have a drying process before elution. The excessive presence of water can have an adverse effect on elution efficiency, subsequent analytical means, and concentration.