How Do We Process SPE Cartridges?

Here are some options about how do we process SPE cartridges:

1. Vacuum Manifold

Mostly we would process SPE cartridges by using an SPE vacuum manifold together with a vacuum source. So let’s talk about it more specifically here. First, we remove the O-rings from the threaded vacuum attachment stem and place the threaded vacuum attachment stem through the hole in the side of the glass block.

Then we place the black O-ring onto the stem, and follow with the Teflon washer with its uneven side towards the O-ring and screw the valve body onto the stem, after which we tighten the body onto the stem and screw the vacuum gauge.

Last, we slide the bleed valve onto the valve body and follow with the retaining nut and tighten the nut. Following completion of vacuum gauge and valve assembly, the glass block is placed into the corresponding safety tray. The appropriate assembly polypropylene collection rack is then placed and we can install a liquid waste tray between the source and the glass block manifold.

2. Positive Pressure

This technique applies a proper syringe to work with the SPE cartridge connector in the right size. A positive pressure system could also be applied to process multiple cartridges immediately.

3. Vacuum Side-arm Flask

A vacuum side-arm flask, together with a water tap, makes full use of the Venturi effect. We could also apply the standard vacuum source.