Honey Analysis SPE Cartridge (C18 And SCX Samples Available)

The solid-phase cartridge is made from medical grade PP housing and the 100,000-grade clean room packed sorbent, with higher recovery rate. The application of the cartridge can be related to food, beverage, honey, environment, biological analysis and medical.

We special supply the C18 and SCX SPE cartridge to our customer who is a famous honey exporter in Argentina, they used our cartridge when their QC part of the honey analysis, pesticide residue determination in honey. And some other customers use of determination of Amantadine Residue in honey by Solid-phase Extraction method would try MCX and C18A in their application.

Related Product Information:
SLSPE5006C18A(SPE Cartridge, C18A, 75μm,60Å, 500mg/6mL,30pcs/pk)
SLNY1345NG(Non-sterile Nylon Syringe Filters, 0.45(μm), 13(mm), GF prefilter, 100pcs/pk)
1000-5000μl pipette
SLSPE2006SCX (SPE Cartridge,SCX, 40-75μm,70Å, 200mg/6mL, 30pcs/pk)
Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispenser, 2.5-25mL
Advanced Plus Mechanical pipette, 20-200μl, Autoclavable

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