Highlights and Test Data Demonstration of SPE Column

There are many factors to select a product, but on the way back, the only two words lingering in my mind are “parameters” and “Quality assurance”. All that’s left is the word “Quality assurance”, which is getting bigger and bigger and more distinct and lingering – or, to put it more simply, choosing the right product and not going through the wringer. SPE column highlights and test data demonstration are as follows.

Impurity dissolution: because the materials used are all medical grade PP and PE, with strong corrosion resistance and low impurity content, the probability of impurity dissolution is low; Adsorbent: imported adsorbent, so it has excellent purification function.

Product quality test report: this part of the products basically have COA, which is the first direct proof of product quality. You can ask colleagues in the production department to ask for it according to the situation to provide it to customers to prove the quality of our products.

Test report of product application examples: the SPE column has been used in experiments in different fields with more test report data, which has been summarized in the product folder and used according to the specific situation. The following is the application example in the detection of agricultural residues in food.