Hawach SCX/MCX SPE Cartridge

Hawach SPE Cartridges are made of medical grade PP and form at one time. Frits are made of UHMW-PE. There is a variety of models to choose from, such as Normal Phase Cartridges, Reversed Phase Cartridges, Ion Exchanges Cartridges, Mixed Mode Cartridges, and so on. Here, We would like to introduce two kinds of Ion Exchanges Cartridge, SCX cartridges and MCX cartridges:

SCX SPE cartridges: SCX is a benzenesulfonate filler based on silica gel. Its negative sulphonic group has strong cation exchangeability. In addition, the benzene ring has certain hydrophobic retention. SCX can extract alkaline compounds with a positive charge.

  • SCX SPE cartridges are used in solid-phase extraction to selectively retain and separate positively charged analytes from a sample solution.
  • The stationary phase of these cartridges contains negatively charged functional groups, which attract and retain cations (positively charged ions) while allowing other components to be washed away.
  • SCX SPE is particularly useful when isolating and concentrating analytes with positive charges, such as amino acids, peptides, and some drugs.

Surface Area: 510 m2/g
Average Particle Size: 40-75μm
Average Pore Size: 70Å

MCX SPE cartridges: MCX cartridge is a hybrid cation exchange reversed-phase sorbent, which has high selectivity and sensitivity to alkali compounds. It has dual retention properties of reverse phase and strong cation exchange and has a good retention capacity for alkaline substances.

  • MCX SPE cartridges combine cation exchange interactions with other modes of interaction, such as reversed-phase or hydrophobic interactions.
  • This mixed-mode approach offers a broader range of separation capabilities, allowing for better selectivity and extraction of analytes with varying chemical properties.
  • MCX SPE is often used when analytes have multiple interaction characteristics, making it challenging to isolate them using a single mode of interaction.

Surface Area: 600 m2/g
Average Particle Size: 40μm
Average Pore Size: 60Å

Both SCX and MCX SPE cartridges are widely used in various analytical and preparatory applications, including pharmaceutical analysis, environmental monitoring, food and beverage analysis, forensic testing, and more. The choice between SCX and MCX depends on the specific nature of the analytes in your sample and the separation requirements.

The above Ion Exchange SPE cartridge can be used for Streptomycin extraction, Alkaline Substances, and others.