HAWACH QuEChERS Products Classification

QuEChERS is a standard method for pesticide residue detection recognized by developed countries–AOAC 2007.01 (analytical method for national standards for pesticide residues in the United States), EN 15662 (analytical method for legal standards in Europe). HAWACH can provide the following QuEChERS products.

HAWACH’s QuEChERS kits are designed for specific food types and screening protocols and are equipped with pre-weighed reagents to make this method faster. It includes an extraction kit and purification kit for the unbuffered original QuEChERS method, European Standard (EN 15662) method, and method approved by the American Society of Analytical Chemists (A0AC 2007.01).

For the AOAC and EN methods, HAWACH offers kits for common fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables containing fats and waxes, and colored fruits and vegetables. For laboratories that prepare their own tubes, HAWACH also provides bulk salts and adsorbents. The HAWACH kit is manufactured under the strict IS0-9001 standard and includes a wide selection of polymers, silica gels, and other adsorbents ranging from cartridges of various sizes to 96-well plates. HAWACH also offers a full line of multi-tube vacuum systems and accessories.

The dispersed solid phase extraction kit is selected based on the type of food being analyzed and the method used. In this step, the extracted sample is added in equal amounts to a 2 ml or 15 ml centrifuge tube. The centrifuge tube contains a small amount of solid phase extraction adsorbent and MgS04. The adsorbent will remove interfering substances from the sample, and MgS04 will remove excess moisture and increase sample distribution.

1.QuEChERS extraction kit
Function: Extract pesticide residues from plants and the like
AOAC: 50 ml centrifuge tube+AOAC salt pack; AOAC salt pack
EN: 50 ml centrifuge tube+EN salt pack; EN salt pack

C18 PAS GCB QuEChERS Dispersive Absorbent for D-SPE Use

2.QuEChERS purification kit
Function: The extracted mixture is removed by the adsorption of a purification tube.
AOAC: 2 ml/15ml purification tube
EN: 2 ml/15ml purification tube

Function: Pesticide residues in a plant can be extracted and purified by a purification tube
AOAC: One extraction tube + two purification tube
EN: One extraction tube + two purification tube

4.The bulk adsorbent in the purification tube
Function: Like the purification tube, the difference is that some customers may not need to install the adsorbent centrifuge tube and buy the adsorbent separately. The adsorbent includes C18, PSA, and GCB.

5.Ceramic homogenizer
Function: a ceramic block that acts uniformly in the extraction tube or the purification tube while shaking the sample and the solution.

Effect: can be used in the QuEChERS extraction tube and purification tube to improve the recovery and reproducibility of extraction. In the process of sample extraction, Ceramic homogenizers are added to overcome the defects of the traditional extraction methods, and are beneficial to the uniformity of the sample extraction process and improve the recovery rate of the detected compounds.

Improvements: uses lazy materials to guarantee no impurity dissolution in the production of ceramic homogenizers, and then greatly shortens the extraction time, prevents the extraction salt caking, ensures the reproducibility of the extraction process, strengthens the recovery rate of the detection results, and improves the laboratory work efficiency. Hawach ceramic homogenizers of QuEChERS comprise a variety of models, such as 2 mL, 15 mL, 50 mL, and the like. The 2 mL of ceramic homogenizers is suitable for 2 mL of the extraction tube; the 15 mL of ceramic homogenizers is for 15 mL extraction tube, and the 50 mL of ceramic homogenizers is fit for 50 mL extraction tube.