Hawach QuEChERS Introduction

D-SPE analysis is a simple and direct technique for the analysis of food and agricultural products. Among them, the QuEChERS technology was developed specifically for the rapid screening analysis of pesticide residues in various food and agricultural product.

The Hawach QuEChERS series contain extraction, purification packages, and complete kits. They (standard adsorbents, salt packs, ceramic protons, etc.,) can also be individually customized or purchased, all can be applied to the QuEChERS method specified by American AOAC and European EN respectively.
Compared to conventional methods, Hawach QuEChERS solutions are:

1. Easy, fast, almost no training required;
2. Shorter sample preparation time
3. Efficient and economical sample preparation process and suitable for analysis of multiple samples;
4. Reliable, high-quality products, simple and convenient packaging;
5. Improve laboratory efficiency and improve laboratory workflow
6. Improve the stability of the results;

Salt Pack: Min. laboratory analytically pure grade.

Salt bag: Excellent leak-proof, no weight loss after putting it on for 1 week, 2 weeks, and even 1 month.

Adsorbent: derived from Agilent technology, with good adsorption of impurities and a high recovery rate.

Centrifuge tube: less impurity dissolved in an organic solvent, which greatly reduces the interference of pesticide residue analysis; good sealing, no leakage, corrosion resistance, high-speed centrifugal resistance.