General Procedure For Solid Phase Extraction

The simplest solid phase extraction device is a small column with a diameter of several millimeters. The small column can be used, or it can be plastic such as polypropylene, polyethylene or Teflon, or stainless steel.

The general operating procedure for SPE is divided into the following steps:

(1) activating the adsorbent;
(2) sample through the column
(3) rinsing
(4) Analyte elution

In order to keep the adsorbent in the solid phase extraction cartridge moisturized after activation until the sample is added, about 1 ml of the solvent for the activation treatment should be maintained on the adsorbent after the activation treatment.

In the detection of drug residues in aquatic products, the application of SPE has been extensive, and the solid phase extraction columns such as C18 column, cation exchange column, and alumina column are often used to purify and concentrate the sample.

In the detection of diethylstilbestrol residues in fish, the C18 SPE cartridge used is an application case using solid phase extraction. The adsorption of C is used to remove excess fat and other macromolecular substances in the extraction to achieve the purification of the extract and to concentrate at the same time to improve the sensitivity of the detection.