Functions of Hawach SPE Cartridges During Extraction

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a separation process by which compound that is dissolved or suspended in a liquid mixture, thereby being separated from other compounds in the mixture according to their physical and chemical properties.

There are 4 general functions as below:

1.Matrix removal
For complex samples, the target compound needs to be separated from the matrix. The sample needs to be transformed into a suitable form to meet the needs of the analytical instrument.

2. Concentration
Enrichment of the target is a necessary process for trace analysis or preparation.

2.Clear up
Sample cleanup is achieved by a special interaction between the target compound and the functional groups on the SPE cartridges to remove components and impurities that interfere with instrumental analysis. This way can avoid the interference of impurities on the target, improves the sensitivity of the analysis, and also prevent the instrument from damage by impurities.

4.Conversion solvent
Some analytical instruments have special requirements for analyte dissolution in solvents, but they can be converted by SPE cartridges. For example, when using the GC method to analyze semi-volatile contaminants in water, if injected directly, moisture will affect the separation and damage the GC column, thus requiring solvent conversion.