Composition and Features of QuEchERS Extraction Salts

As we all know, QuEchERS has been used as a convenient and reliable pretreatment method in pesticide residue detection. When it comes to its specific procedures, the extraction kit to extract pesticide residues from plants is one of the main products adopted by QuEchERS. Especially, the QuEchERS extraction salts play an important role in the extraction process.

The extraction salt package is composed of two kinds of crucial substances, which are buffer salt and Anhydrous magnesium sulfate. The buffered salt could ensure the stability of the target compound by keeping the extraction environment at a mild pH. Another substance is a kind of water-absorbent called anhydrous magnesium sulfate. The function it serves is to completely separate the moisture in the matrix from the acetonitrile extract.


First of all, the extraction salts package is tightly sealed, which could guarantee the magnesium sulfate is prevented from absorbing water and moisture. Secondly, it is easy for the operators to put it into the extraction tube without using any special tools. Thirdly, it could provide a stable extraction environment for the experiment operators. More importantly, the salts package could be customized according to their requirements.