Choose Your Suitable SPE Cartridges

As we all know, the principle of the SPE method is the rule of similarity. So it is of great importance to choose the right paddings’ SPE Cartridges.

Based on separation modes, we can divide them into 3 groups:

1. Normal Phase C18, C18-Ne, C8, C2, PHE, CN

Utilizes the difference between the adsorption among the solid adsorbent paddings and the target compound in the sample and the adsorption of the sample matrix and the interfering compound, thereby achieving the purpose of separating and enriching the target compound.

2. Reverse Phase NH2, Silica, PSA

Uses a non-polar adsorbent (carbohydrate or polymer) on the stationary phase to separate the organic solute from the polar phase (water). The interaction between the non-polar materials is van der Waals attraction (adsorbent’s hydrophobicity).

3. Ion-Exchange SAX, SCX, PAX, PCX,

Ion-exchange SPE cartridges are the separation of ions with high energy interaction. Strongly polar solutes can be separated from highly polar water or other solvents. The exchange capacity of strong ion exchange resins is not affected by pH, and weak ion exchange resins are dependent on pH changes.

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