Brief introduction On SPE Cartridge

SPE Cartridge provided by Hawach Scientific is a sample pretreatment device for separation, extraction, and purification. It is usually fit for sample pretreatment of compounds in various fields, such as agricultural and food products. Most of the SPE Cartridges are injection syringe devices made of polyethylene or medical PP level materials with wonderful chemical compatibility.

In actually, SPE Cartridge is a normal phase extraction of polar compounds which is good for purifying polar compounds, and sorbent exhibit are often used to retain polar interference and pass through weak polar or non-polar compounds.

Types of SPE Cartridge

Hawach SPE Cartridge falls into different types, concretely including Iron-Exchange、Mixed Mode、 Normal Phase、Polymeric and Reversed-Phase types, and each type also has its own sub-product. For example, Iron-Exchange is divided into Ion-Exchange NH2 SPE Cartridge, Ion-Exchange PRS SPE Cartridges, Ion-Exchange PSA SPE Cartridges, Ion-Exchange SAX SPE Cartridges, and Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridges.

In a word, there are complete volume and style to choose or customize them to suit the customer’s configuration and requirements. Besides, the guide will be followed to help the customer choose the appropriated SPE Cartridges.