Applications of QuEChERS Technology in Pretreating Food Safety Testing Samples

QuEChERS is widely used in many areas, in the case that the targeting recovery rate satisfies the need, and also the matrix background of removing impurities meets detection, it can be applied to purify stuff such as residues of food and veterinary, additives, and plasticizers.

However, currently, QuEChERS is mainly used in detecting agricultural residues, so the followings are applications in the detection of pesticide residues.

Oversea Pesticide Residue Monitoring

Foreign countries apply the technique of extracting and purifying samples not only for fruits and vegetables, but also for various animal foods such as chicken, tilapia, and other high-sugar contained and complexly processed foods such as honey, biscuits, and chocolate.

Additionally, featuring a good extraction effect, high fidelity, and thorough purification, the skill targets numerous testing substances not only for pesticides, and the detection instruments are not constrained to regular gas-liquid chromatography.

Domestic Pesticide Residue Monitoring

During these years, due to the continued flourishing of technology, the application of QuEChERS technology in China has expanded out of traditional agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, and cereals), and scientists have carried out to extract cereal samples with low water content.