Application of QuEChERS

QuEChERS method is widely used in global countries to extract and purify samples not only for vegetable agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables, but also for animal foods such as chicken, tilapia, and various foods with high sugar content (such as honey, French fries, biscuits and chocolate etc.) which are processed by complex processes. The detection methods are various and the combination of instruments is emphasized.

In addition, the QuEChERS method is widely used in various detection methods abroad because of its good extraction effect, high fidelity, and thorough purification. The target substances extracted are not limited to pesticides, and the detection instruments used are not limited to conventional gas-liquid chromatography.

M.Bustamante-Rangel and others were extracted by the QuEChERS method (adding citric acid sodium citrate slow-release agent to regulate pH value). The content of isoflavones (a soybean secondary metabolite) in solid bean products was determined by capillary electrophoresis electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (CE-ESI-MS). The recovery rate was 91%, 109%, and the relative standard deviation was 11%.