Application of Normal Phase Solid Phase Extraction

Normal phase solid phase extraction is a versatile and increasingly popular sample preparation technique. SPE uses a solid adsorbent to adsorb a target compound in a liquid sample, separates it from the matrix and interfering compound of the sample, and then elutes with an eluent or desorbs by heating to achieve separation and enrichment of the target compound. Because of its safety, high recovery rate, good reproducibility, easy operation, fast, wide application range, easy to achieve automatic operation.

Normal phase solid phase extraction is commonly used as a positive phase stationary phase such as alumina, silica gel, polyamide, diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, etc., and the polar functional group of the measured object and the polar functional group on the surface of the filler pass hydrogen bonding. The interaction between the π-π bond, the dipole-dipole and the dipole-induced dipole phase retains the polar species dissolved in the non-polar medium, and the polar solvent is often used as the eluent. Shao B et al used a silica gel column to purify 17 sulfonamide residues in animal-derived foods. The lower limit was 0.01 ng/g to 1.0 ng/g, and the recovery rate was 52% to 120%. The silica SPE column, amino-propane and cyanide-propane SPE columns were compared. The acetone and methanol mixture was used as the eluent. The sensitivity of the silica gel column was the highest. The determination of seven hormone drugs in muscle by Seo J et al. Estradiol, testosterone, progesterone, dexamethasone, diethylstilbestrol, estradiol metabolites, these drugs are easily soluble in non-polar solvents, the sample is first purified on a C8 column, and then eluted with a mixture of n-hexane-ethyl acetate The drug was retained in a silica gel column, and then the amino column was eluted with ethyl acetate-methanol. The recovery of the sample after purification by a solid phase extraction column with three different retention mechanisms was 68% to 106%, and the lower limit was 0.1 μg/kg. 0.4 μg/kg. Hawach offers you Normal Phase Alumina SPE Cartridges, Normal Phase CN SPE Cartridges, Normal Phase Diol SPE Cartridges, Normal Phase PR Grade Florisil SPE Cartridges, Normal Phase Silica SPE Cartridges.