Application of C8/C18 SPE Cartridges

SPE cartridges are very versatile and more and more popular. SPE is mostly used to process liquid samples. The semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds are concentrated, extracted, and purified. Solid samples also apply.

SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) cartridges are a commonly used solid phase extraction tool. SPE cartridges are mainly used for sample purification, enrichment and concentration, which can selectively adsorb and retain target analytes while removing impurities and interfering substances in samples. SPE cartridges are widely used in pharmaceutical analysis, environmental analysis, food safety, biological analysis, and other fields. In drug analysis, SPE cartridges can be used to extract and purify drugs and their metabolites from biological samples; in environmental analysis, SPE cartridges can be used to enrich and extract organic pollutants in water, soil, and air; in the field of food safety, SPE cartridges can be used to extract and enrich pesticides, food additives and residues in food samples, etc. The selectivity and high efficiency of the SPE column make it an important tool for sample pretreatment and separation and purification in analytical laboratories, providing accurate and reliable analysis results.

SPE cartridges – C18

1. Strong hydrophobic selectivity
2. Suitable for retention of most organic compounds from water and biological samples
3. Enhance the retention of alkaline substances

SPE cartridges – C8

1. The hydrophobic selectivity is slightly lower than C18
2. Suitable for intermediate-polarity compounds
3. Improve the selectivity of basic compounds

Application of SPE cartridges

C8 (Octyl) and C18 (Octadecyl) solid-phase extraction (SPE) cartridges are widely used in chromatography and sample preparation techniques. These cartridges are packed with sorbent materials that contain hydrophobic alkyl chains of varying lengths (8 and 18 carbons, respectively) bonded to a silica or polymeric support. Here are some common applications of C8 and C18 SPE cartridges:

  1. Pharmaceutical Analysis:

    • Isolation and purification of pharmaceutical compounds from complex matrices.
    • Sample clean-up for pharmaceutical analysis using techniques like High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS).
  2. Environmental Monitoring:

    • Extraction and concentration of organic pollutants, pesticides, and herbicides from water, soil, and sediment samples.
    • Analysis of environmental contaminants in samples like groundwater and surface water.
  3. Food and Beverage Analysis:

    • Extraction and clean-up of food and beverage samples for the analysis of additives, flavor compounds, pesticides, and mycotoxins.
    • Determination of food contaminants, such as aflatoxins and antibiotics.
  4. Clinical and Biological Samples:

    • Isolation and purification of drugs, metabolites, and biomarkers from blood, urine, and other biological matrices.
    • Protein and peptide enrichment for proteomic studies.
  5. Phytochemical Analysis:

    • Extraction and purification of plant compounds, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and alkaloids.
    • Analysis of natural product extracts and herbal supplements.
  6. Forensic Science:

    • Extraction and clean-up of drug compounds from biological and forensic samples for forensic analysis.
    • Detection and quantification of drugs of abuse.
  7. Chemical Synthesis:

    • Purification and isolation of synthetic compounds during chemical synthesis processes.
    • Removal of impurities and unwanted reaction by-products.
  8. Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism Studies:

    • Sample preparation for pharmacokinetic studies to determine the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs in biological systems.
    • Analysis of metabolites in drug metabolism studies.
  9. Petroleum and Petrochemical Analysis:

    • Extraction and clean-up of hydrocarbon compounds from petroleum and petrochemical samples.
    • Monitoring and analysis of oil and gas samples.
  10. Quality Control and Research:

    • General sample clean-up and purification in research and quality control laboratories across various industries.
  11. Analysis of residues of various antibiotics and antibacterial drugs in various foods;
  12. Analysis of pesticide residues in agricultural products;
  13. Analysis of legal and illegal additives in various kinds of food;
  14. Pharmacokinetic analysis, pharmacokinetic analysis, and TCM analysis;
  15. PAHs and PCBs analysis in the environment;
  16. Analysis of organic matter in drinking water, groundwater, and sewage.

C8 and C18 SPE cartridges are chosen based on their hydrophobic characteristics, which make them suitable for retaining non-polar and moderately polar compounds. The choice between C8 and C18 often depends on the specific analytes being targeted and the chromatographic method being used. Researchers and analysts carefully select the appropriate sorbent material to achieve the best results for their particular applications.