Application of C8/C18 SPE Cartridges

SPE cartridges are very versatile, and more and more popular. SPE is mostly used to process liquid samples. The semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds are concentrated, extracted and purified. Solid samples also apply.


1. Analysis of residues of various antibiotics and antibacterial drugs in various foods;
2. Analysis of pesticide residues in agricultural products;
3. Analysis of legal and illegal additives in various kinds of food;
4. Pharmacokinetic analysis, pharmacokinetic analysis and TCM analysis;
5. PAHs and PCBs analysis in the environment;
6. Analysis of organic matter in drinking water, groundwater and sewage.

SPE cartridges – C18

1. Strong hydrophobic selectivity
2. Suitable for retention of most organic compounds from water and biological samples
3. Enhance the retention of alkaline substances

SPE cartridges – C8

1. The hydrophobic selectivity is slightly lower than C18
2. Suitable for intermediate-polarity compounds
3. Improve the selectivity of basic compounds