An Overview of QuEChERS

Developed by Professor Anastassiades of the US Department of Agriculture in 2003, QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe) is a recent rapid development of a rapid sample preparation technology for agricultural product testing in the world. It has brought innovation in areas such as multi-residue analysis and multi-class pesticide analysis.

Now QuEChERS has become the standard sample processing method for detecting pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables worldwide. In addition, its application involves more and more different areas, such as meat, blood samples, wine, and even the detection of antibiotics, drugs, drugs of abuse, and other contaminants in the soil.

Enhancements of QuEChERS

The wide application range and the simplicity of operation make Hawach QuEChERS one of the first choices for residue analysis. In order to create a world-leading QuEChERS, Hawach Scientific continues to increase investment in the input of research and development, and endeavors to develop key competitiveness. Those efforts are capable of keeping the homogeneity of the sample and improving the efficiency of the working laboratory. Besides, it is safe for analysts and environment-friendly and is in conformity with the green-sustainable scientific development notion.

China QuEChERS Extraction Kit Pouch Format AOAC-EN

Properties of QuEChERS

QuEChERS provided by Hawach Scientific overcomes the shortcoming of complex sample matrices in trace analysis and sample pretreatment. Hawach carried out a number of experiments on a wide range of representative pesticides and samples to evaluate the steps of each extraction and purification. And it acquires great recovery for a big range of pesticides in food matrices and has great capabilities of grinding the sample. The collection and homogenization of samples is an inseparable part of the step of QuEChERS, it is also beneficial to obtain smaller sample particle size and subsequent shaking extraction. Contact us for detailed specifications or other information.

Benefits of QuEChERS Kits

QuEChERS kits provided by Hawach Scientific can prepare samples for multi-class, multi-residue pesticide analysis with a simplified approach, and makes it easy to quickly improve lab productivity. It is Pre-packaged to present greater efficiency and reliability. Extraction kits are uniquely packaged for optimal results, and pre-packed extraction kits are assembled to suit specific sample types to obtain more productivity.

Different from other kits, Hawach QuEChERS kits package the pre-weighted salts in anhydrous packets, which enables the salts to be added at the appropriate time. Hawach’s strict quality control system ensures that all QuEChERS salts, sorbents, and supplies are free of impurities, thus the most accurate results can be yielded.

C18 QuEChERS Dispersive Absorbent for D-SPE Use
QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers With 2ml 15ml 50ml Tube

Reliable Performance of QuEChERS Kits

Hawach supplies different kits to suit the type of food consumption are analysis. It is easy to choose the right QuEChERS kits with Hawach technical support, and it vastly simplifies the sample extraction and cleanup procedures. Besides, Hawach makes an endeavor to guarantee efficient extraction of pH-dependent compounds, to expand the spectrum of matrices coverage, and to decrease degradation of susceptible compounds.

How to use
There are four steps:
1.Sample pulverization;
2.Single solvent acetonitrile extraction separation;
3.Addition of MgSO4 and other salts to remove water;
4.Adding an adsorbent such as ethylenediamine-N-propyl silane (PSA) to remove impurities
5.The supernatant is subjected to GC-MS and LC-MS detection.