An Overview Of HAWACH SPE Columns

The SPE column consists of a medical PP empty tube, medical PE sieve plate, fixed adsorbent (also called stationary phase), in which the adsorbent is imported raw material.

The quality of SPE columns provided by HAWACH is stable and reliable, suitable for different volume sample processing, and SPE columns can also be customized according to customer needs. With COA, it is the first direct proof of product quality.

The SPE column has strong corrosion resistance, low impurity content, high recovery rate, moderate flow rate, large adsorption capacity, good reproducibility, high-cost performance, and higher repeatability and consistency than similar products. It has excellent results in the extraction of environmental water pollutants, life sciences, food residues, and animal residues, and animal and plant extraction, etc.

The packings are usually chromatographic adsorbents and can be divided into three major categories: silica gel (eg C18, C8, etc.); high polymers, such as polystyrene – two Ethylene benzene, etc.; inorganic materials, such as Floris diatomaceous earth, alumina, graphitized carbon, and the like.

The capacity must be considered when selecting an SPE column. In solid-phase extraction, the adsorbent adsorbs the target compound and adsorbs impurities of the same nature. Therefore, the target compound plus the total amount of impurities that can be adsorbed cannot exceed the column capacity when choosing the column capacity. Otherwise, some of the target compounds may not be adsorbed during the loading process, resulting in a low recovery rate.

1. Easy to use
2. Fast and efficient
3. Multiple stationary phase options
4. Save solvent and high sample recovery rate
5. Polypropylene construction
6. Price-competitive for routine analysis, high-throughput laboratories

C18 Reversed Phase SPE Cartridges
SPE Columns Chromatography

1. Environmental testing of water samples (drinking water, wastewater)
2. Separation and analysis of compounds in organic synthesis
3. Detection of residual pesticides in vegetables
4. Surfactants and other industrial fields
5. Detection of gaseous sulfides and drug residual solvents (VOCs)
6. Forensic analysis of fire or explosive samples
7. Toxic analysis; analysis of drugs and drugs in blood and urine fluids, etc.

Product specifications are available in 1ml, 3ml, 6ml, and 12ml.
Product filters are:
1.Silicone bonded matrix
Reversed phase C18, C18-ne, C8; normal phase Silica, Diol, CN; ion exchange SAX, SCX, NH2, PRS, PSA; mixed mode
2.Polymer matrix
3.Adsorption matrix
Alumina (AI203), graphitized carbon black (GCB), Florisil pesticide residue
4.Special column
Special column azo dye detection column, etc.

A typical application for SPE products: The best seller column: HLB=MCX>NH2=florisil>C18
Among them:
1) HLB and C18 are two general-purpose columns, which can be tried in any project.
2) NH2 and Florisil are two columns for pesticides, which must be used by relevant agricultural departments.
3) MCX is currently a popular item, as the daily news report of melamine and clenbuterol is based on MCX to detect. NH2, FLorisil, C18 are 6ml. 60mg/3ml is the most common one for HLB and MCX.
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