An Overview of Hawach QuEChERS Products

QuEChERS is an efficient and stable sample of pre-processing technology. Its name is derived from the initials of English words describing the characteristics of the method, namely: Quick (Quick), Easy (Easy), Cheap (Economic), Effective (Efficient), Rugged (Sturdy and durable), and Safe (environmental protection).

In 2003, this method was first proposed by the US Department of Agriculture, Anastassisdes, and Lehotay. The method uses acetonitrile, a water-soluble organic solvent, as the extractant, and through the combination of extraction, salting-out phase separation, and dehydration purification, high-efficiency extraction of pesticide residues in high water-content fruit and vegetable samples is achieved.

In order to improve the wide applicability of the QuEChERS method to the detection of multiple samples and pesticide residues of various chemical properties, the 2003 version of QuEChERS technology (also known as Original QuEChERS) was carried out in the American Standard (AOAC2007.01) and European Standard (EN 15662).

Improved to ensure effective extraction of pH-sensitive pesticide residues. At present, QuEChERS sample preparation technology has become the standard method for pesticide residue detection in fruit and vegetable samples in the United States and the European Union and has been widely used.

Product nameComponentsFunction
Extraction kit
50ml Centrifuge tubeContaining fruit and vegetable samples.
Salt packBuffer saltKeep the extraction environment at a mild pH to ensure the stability of the target compound.
Anhydrous magnesium sulfateWater-absorbent, completely separates the moisture in the matrix from the acetonitrile extract.
Purification kit
2ml/15ml centrifuge tube containing purified adsorbentPSAAdsorption of carbohydrates, organic acids, pigments in extracts, which is mainly for general, no special requirements for fruit.
GCBAdsorption of chlorophyll, etc., mainly for fruits and vegetables containing fats and pigments, such as eggplant, green vegetables, carrots, etc.
C18Adsorption of lipid compounds such as avocado.
Anhydrous magnesiumRemove the moisture from the substrate and suitable for all kinds of ingredients.
Ceramic homogenizer2ml/15ml/50ml are availablePrevents local heat dissipation caused by salt agglomeration; makes the pH of the whole system more even; thus making the extraction better and saving extraction time.

HAWACH QuEChERS products are tested in EN, AOAC methods and issued reports( the product recovery rate test data) in different types of fruits and vegetables.

I just introduced QuECHERS technology to everyone. Now Hawach introduces the principles and advantages of QuEChERS:

The principle of tritium is similar to high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and solid-phase extraction (SPE). Both use the adsorbent filler to interact with impurities in the matrix to adsorb impurities to achieve the purpose of impurity removal and purification.

QuEChERS method has the following advantages:
(1) The recovery rate is high, and the recovery rate for a large number of polar and volatile pesticide varieties is greater than 85%;
(2) It has high precision and accuracy, and can be corrected by the internal standard method;
(3) A wide range of pesticides that can be analyzed, including polar and non-polar pesticides, can use this technology to obtain better recovery rates;
(4) Fast analysis speed, can process 6 samples in 30min;
(5) Less solvent usage, less pollution, low price and no use of chloride-containing solvents;
(6) Simple operation, which can be done well without good training and higher skills;
(7) Immediately after the acetonitrile is added to the container, it is sealed to reduce the chance of contact with the staff;
(8) Few glassware are used in the sample preparation process, and the device is simple.