Advantages of Solid Phase Extraction

Compared to traditional liquid-liquid extraction and protein precipitation methods, solid phase extraction has unparalleled advantages. Purification method and advantages and disadvantages of solid phase extraction. You also can choose Reversed Phase C18 SPE Cartridges, SCX SPE Cartridges, SAX SPE Cartridges, Normal Phase PR Grade Florisil SPE Cartridges, and other SPE Cartridges using.

Advantages and disadvantages of solid phase extraction


Advantage: No special equipment and materials are required

1. Operation is cumbersome and time-consuming
2. It takes a lot of organic solvents, resulting in high costs and environmental pollution.
3. It is difficult to extract highly water-soluble substances from water


Advantage: Simple operation, no special treatment required

1. Non-specific precipitation reflects the possibility that a small amount of analyte will be lost as a result of the co-precipitation of matrix proteins.
2. The purification effect is weak, and the detection sensitivity and reliability are low.


1. The best way to improve the detection sensitivity is by integrating sample enrichment and purification
2. Faster than liquid and liquid extraction, saving solvent
3. Automated batch processing
4. Reproducible

Disadvantage: Requires professionals to continue to develop methods.

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