Advantages of QuEChERS

Hawach summarized the advantages of QuEChERS in eight aspects.

1. Recovery Rate

QuEChERS technology has the advantage of high recovery rate. Experimental data show that the recovery rate of large quantities of polar and volatile pesticides by QuEChERS is above 85%.

2. Accuracy

Laboratory workers can make use of the internal standard method to maintain correction with high accuracy in QuEChERS technology.

3. Analytical Range

The analytical range of pesticides by QuEChERS technology is wide. Pesticides including polar and nonpolar both can get great recovery rates by taking this technology.

4. Analysis Speed

The analysis speed of QuEChERS technology is fast that laboratory workers can deal with 6 samples within 30 minutes.

5. Use of Solvent

With less use of a solvent (0% use of a chlorinated solvent), QuEChERS technology can bring less pollution and lower cost in comparison with traditional techniques.

6. Operation

The easy operation of QuEChERS technology makes laboratory workers perform analysis quite smoothly without being well-trained to have a command of advanced skills.

7. Safety

The container will be sealed immediately after acetonitrile is added inside, which reduces exposure between laboratory workers and the hazardous substances.

8. Sample Preparation

During the process of sample preparation in QuEChERS technology, less glassware is used and the whole equipment is simple and convenient for laboratory workers to conduct experiments and perform analyses.