Advantages and Application Prospects of QuEChERS

QuEChERS method has unique advantages in pesticide residue analysis. Due to the irrational use of pesticides and inadequate supervision of pesticide use, people may suffer from acute or chronic pesticide poisoning after eating pesticide-contaminated food, and even threaten human health or life safety.

Since the advent of the QuEChERS method, many laboratories such as the US FDA have conducted effective evaluation and verification of the method, and some laboratories have applied the method to routine pesticide testing.

The advantage of QuEChERS
1. Improve the working efficiency of the laboratory;
2. Reduce possible instrument maintenance time;
3. Improved analysis efficiency;
4. Reduce the number of potential distractors.

The application prospect of QuEChERS

In China, this method is not only suitable for sample pretreatment of multi-residue detection of agricultural products but is also widely used in environmental pesticide residue detection, agricultural veterinary drug detection, biological sample drug detection, and other fields. With the progress of science and technology and the continuous development of modern detection methods, the QuEChERS method is bound to be more mature and will gradually be used in daily pesticide residue monitoring.