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About Us
Backed by strong technical strength and perfect customer service system,

Hawach Scientific Co.,Ltd

constantly pursues and better creates a global system of providing products and services to users with the concept of "integrity, service first". The company has a professional and experienced foreign trade service team with rich experience in import and export operations. Can provide users with professional, timely and personalized one-to-one service. Hawach not only offers customers the best price, but also the shortest delivery time. At the same time, the company is also committed to technological innovation, strict control of every level of the production process, excellent quality, spe cartridge with its high cost performance has won the praise of our customers.
Our Vision
To become an organization which adapting quality is first as its corporate principle by contributing to
the national development offering successful fair price/performance ratio, providing best services
for internationally approved products.

Q & A of Hawach

Q: What products does Hawach offer?

A: Hawach offers a wide range of filtration and separation products, including syringe filters, membrane filters, filter cartridges, filter paper, chromatography columns, and more.

Q: Where is Hawach based?

A: Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd is based in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China.

Q: Does Hawach offer customized filtration solutions?

A: Hawach provides customization services to meet specific customer requirements. This includes customizing pore sizes, membrane materials, and filter configurations to tailor filtration solutions to unique applications.

Q: Can I get technical support from Hawach?

A: Hawach offers technical support to assist customers with their filtration needs. Their team of experts can provide guidance, answer technical questions, and offer troubleshooting assistance.

Q: Does Hawach provide sample testing and evaluation services?

A: Hawach may provide sample testing and evaluation services. Customers can send their samples to Hawach for analysis, and the company’s experts can assess the samples and recommend the most suitable filtration products or solutions.

Q: Does Hawach offer after-sales support?

A: Hawach is committed to providing excellent after-sales support. They address customer inquiries, provide product warranties, assist with installation and troubleshooting, and handle any post-purchase issues or concerns.

Q: Can I purchase Hawach products online?

A: Hawach has an online platform where customers can browse and order their products. They also have authorized distributors and partners in various locations for local purchasing convenience.

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