About the Highlights of HAWACH QuEChERS Products

Brief introduction of QuEChERS
As we all know, agricultural residues can affect people’s health. Regulations around the world are also becoming stricter with regard to the detection of pesticide residues in food. The original method of pre-treatment of pesticide residues is time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, QuEChERS was proposed and developed in 2003.

After adding salt to the solid sample in the aqueous solution, it is subjected to acetonitrile extraction, followed by liquid-solid extraction (that is, dispersion matrix extraction) to remove most of the interferences present in the acetonitrile, and the extract can be directly analyzed by mass spectrometry. Now QuEChERS has become the global standard sample processing method for detecting pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. In addition, its application also involves more and more different fields, such as the detection of antibiotics, drugs, drugs of abuse, and other contaminants in meat, blood samples, wine, and even soil.


HAWACH QuEChERS products include extraction kits and purification kits; extraction kits include salt packs and 50ml centrifuge tubes to cater to different customer needs.

The purification kit is the adsorbent directly installed in the centrifuge tube, including 2ml and 15ml. Another type of product is a set, that is, extraction kit + purification kit, by which customers can get the whole set of experiments.

1. HAWACH QuEChERS products have been tested with EN and AOAC methods in different types of fruits, vegetables, and reports, or called product recovery rate test data. You can contact HAWACH to get it, if necessary.
2. The products are mainly composed of salt, adsorbent, bags containing salt packs, and centrifuge tubes, and the corresponding quality control and testing are carried out for the four types of product companies.
Salt: all products are above the laboratory analysis pure grade, and the magnesium sulfate used for water removal is packaged after drying in a high-temperature oven to prevent the product from losing its original effect due to moisture;
Salt bag: If the salt bag is not tight, magnesium sulfate is easy to absorb moisture and makes the salt bag heavier. Therefore, HAWACH placed the salt bag for 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month. The weight test at different time periods shows that the quality is constant and the seal is good.
Adsorbent: good adsorption of impurities, high recovery rate, high cost-to-price ratio.
Centrifuge tube: fewer impurities elute in organic solvents and do not interfere with the detection of pesticide residues; good sealing, no leakage of organic solvents; corrosion resistance, high-speed centrifugal resistance.