About QuEChERS Introduction and the HAWACH QuEChERS Products

Globally, more than hundreds of thousands of food samples are analyzed for pesticide residues each year. Due to the diversity of pesticides and the complexity of food matrices, the most effective pesticide analysis method is to apply multi-class and multi-residue analysis methods. In the past 40 years, a large number of pesticide residue pre-treatment methods have been emerging and updated, such as SPE, GPC, LLE, etc. However, it is difficult to have a pre-treatment method that can achieve a high-quality analysis of most pesticides at the same time. In 2003, the U.S. Department of Agriculture developed an innovative pre-treatment method for pesticide residue analysis, which greatly simplified the pre-treatment process for food samples, called the QuEChERS method.

HAWACH QuEChERS products
HAWACH is a fresh and enthusiastic company. A team of experts works with joy & responsibility, intensely caring for your orders to be processed quickly and successfully. Its precision in manufacturing premium QuEChERS kits, SPE columns, pipette, syringe filter, etc. plus our flexibility and unique commitment to tackling any task, enables us to provide the right products that not only meet the standards but also your individual expectations – to the right time.
15ml QuEChERS D-SPE Kit
HAWACH has independently developed the QuEChERS series. This series of products covers AOAC 2007.01 and EN 15662 method series set of two major types of extraction kits and purification kits, which are easy pourable and mess-free handling. If you use different salts or mixtures, we customize the kit according to your needs in a reservoir that fits the best for you.

QuEChERS is mostly used for pesticide residue detection in food. The detection of pesticide residues in food is an important issue related to food safety, and pretreatment is the longest and most time-consuming part of pesticide residue detection. The quality of the pretreatment determines the accuracy and precision of the analysis. degree.

The QuEChERS method has a high recovery rate, the recovery rate of a large number of polar and volatile pesticide varieties is greater than 85%. The high accuracy and accuracy of the QuEChERS method can be corrected by the internal standard method; A wide range of pesticides that can be analyzed, including polar and non-polar pesticides, can use this technology to get a better recovery rate. QuEChERS’ fast analysis speed can complete the processing of 6 samples within 30min. Low solvent usage, low pollution, low cost, and no use of chloride-containing solvents. The QuEChERS method is an easy operation, which can be done well without good training and high skills. Acetonitrile is sealed immediately after adding it to the container so that The chance of contact with the staff is reduced. Few glassware is used in the sample preparation process, and the device is simple.

HAWACH QuEChERS product advantages
• The product is accurately weighed in advance, and the water-free ultra-clean packaging improves the quality of the results;
• The inorganic salts and adsorbents used as raw materials are all certified to be the highest-level reagents of the same brand at present, avoiding the introduction of interfering substances;
• The core products are packed in light-proof and sealed materials, which will not deteriorate due to storage and transportation;
• Long-term commitment to research and development of sample separation and purification, strong technical force.