About HAWACH Extraction Kit And Purification Kit For QuEChERS

The QuEChERS method is a sample preparation technology based on solid-phase extraction and matrix solid-phase dispersion technology. It is suitable for the treatment of low-fat samples and can achieve ideal results for samples containing less than 15% fat. Because of its simple operation, low cost, and low organic solvent consumption, the QuEChERS method provides efficient and clean extraction of samples, making it suitable for MS detectors to analyze hundreds of pesticide residues.

QuEChERS is a pretreatment method for pesticide residue detection. It is a standard method for pesticide residue detection recognized by developed countries.

Hawach kit
The HAWACH extraction kit and purification kit are easy to use and provide fast sample preparation. Prepackaged dispersion and extraction kits, extract salts, and ceramic homogenizers are ideal for applications such as food, pesticides, and mycotoxins. We also offer chemical standards for the most commonly used regulatory methods, including AOAC and EN.

Buffered extract salts are suitable for relatively unstable pesticides.
Select the appropriate extraction salt type according to your analytical method: AOAC or EN
The ceramic homogenizer can break up the salt agglomeration, uniform sample extraction, and improve the recovery of the sample extraction product in the extraction and dispersion steps.

Hawach products used in the QuEChERS method
Hawach products are used in the QuEChERS method, including the extraction box, the purification box, and the combination of the two, bulk adsorbent and ceramic protons.

The extraction box includes a salt pack and a 50 ml centrifuge tube, which is to extract pesticide residues from plants and the like.

2m QuEChERS D-SPE Kit China QuEChERS Extraction Kit Pouch Format AOAC-EN

The purification box is directly packed in the centrifuge tube, including 2ml and 15ml specifications, which is to remove the impurities by the adsorption of the purification tube.
There is also a type, combination of the two-an extraction box + a purification box, with which customers can get a whole set of experiments.

The bulk adsorbent in the purification tube had the same function as the purification tube, the difference is that some customers may not need to install the adsorbent centrifuge tube and buy the adsorbent separately.

The ceramic homogenizer is contained in the extraction tube or the purification tube and acts evenly when shaking the sample and the solution.

Why Use HAWACH QuEChERS Products?
• Save valuable lab time, thus increasing lab production
• Best selection of QuEChERS products available
• Cleaning extracts in cleaning products
• Excellent inter-lot repeatability
• Magnesium sulfate contains no organic matter
• The unique HAWACH adsorbent removes chlorophyll from acetonitrile extract without losing the flat analyte
• Hawach offers adsorbents in bulk, dispersed, Quick QuEChERS or traditional cartridge form
• Expert QuEChERS technical support
• Customized products are available
• Hawach products reduce pollution: HAWACH products were evaluated on extracts of milk, honey and soybean and the efficacy of the clean-up were determined by GC/MS analysis. Comparisons of the extracts were made by counting the number of peaks above the threshold. Results proved that the HAWACH products provided superior clean-up, whose products are prepared under controlled manufacturing conditions so the potential for contamination is eliminated. These results, along with time and labor savings, prove that QuEChERS products from HAWACH are cleaner and more cost-effective.