SPE Cartridges

· There are many kinds of stationary phases and a wide range of options

· Excellent chromatographic performance, with excellent peak symmetry for acidic, basic, and neutral compounds

· Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility

All Kinds of the SPE Cartridges


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SPE Cartridges

Advantages of Solid Phase Extraction

Compared to traditional liquid-liquid extraction and protein precipitation methods, solid phase extraction has unparalleled advantages: Purification method...
SPE Cartridges

The Concept and Basic Principles of Solid Phase Extraction

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a sample preparation technology developed since the mid-1980s. It is developed by a combination of liquid-solid extraction and liquid chromatography...
SPE Cartridges

Three Types Of SPE Cartridges

SPE cartridge can be divided into three classes on the markets: silica-based cartridges, polymer-based cartridges, and adsorption-based cartridges. And here we talk about the three types of silica-based cartridges...
SPE Cartridges

An Introduction Of SPE And Method For Selecting SPE Cartridge

The capacity of the SPE cartridge refers to the adsorption amount of the column packing. For silica-based solid-phase extraction columns, the capacity is generally 1 to 5 mg/100 mg...
SPE cartridges

How to Choose a Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges(1)?

The key to choosing a solid phase extraction cartridge is the packing that determines the separation performance in addition to the required specifications...
spe cartridges

SPE Cartridge Washing And Drying Parameters Selection

If the target compound is a neutral compound and a hydrophobic non-polar filler (such as C4, C8, C18, etc.) is selected, it can be washed with water or a buffer used for cartridge equilibration...
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